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Own an Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

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No two clocks are exactly alike, so you’ll truly own a one-of- a-kind
original, with no other like it existing anywhere else in the world.

  • Not all Black Forest clocks are created equal. We only carry clocks that are most exquisitely carved.
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Germany’s Black Forest is steeped in mystery, myth, and tradition

From this ancient land comes the tradition of the world’s finest handmade clocks. Crafted using techniques and methods that are hundreds of years old, your clock is a one-of- a-kind masterpiece designed to remain in your family for generations. There are three qualities that a clock must possess before it is considered an authentic Black Forest clock.

1 It must be hand carved according to tradition

2 It must be mechanically driven, all the way down to the air bellows that produce the famous cuckoo sound. No electricity is required

3 Authentic Cuckoo Clocks carry the VDS certification label.

All our clocks are certified according to the Black Forest Clock Association and have a VDS Certification of authenticity. This guarantees the originality of your clock, and ensures it is made in the Black Forest according to time-honored traditions.

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Cuckoo Forest

Cuckoo Forest is the premier online retailer of 100% original cuckoo clocks. Our handcrafted wooden clocks come straight from the Black Forest of Germany, where they are crafted by artisans using methods and techniques that have been handed down from master to apprentice since the middle ages.

Before you buy anywhere else, ask yourself if the clock meets these standards:

  • Heirloom-quality craftmanship ensures that it will remain in your family for generations
  • Solid wood, artisan construction. Hand made from the finest materials
  • Authentic, air-driven bellows provide the famous cuckoo sound – not an electronic recording like some of our competitors use
  • Weights and mechanical gears make up the internal workings for accurate timekeeping. These are not clocks you plug into the wall
  • VDS Certified authenticity

Beatifully crafted click with amazing color choices. This piece fits right into my home comfortably. The colors are perfect, there is no music which is a great feature for me. It is also a very elegant clock but simple. No moving parts or music is great because I prefer the simpler clocks. Even though it is a simpler clock it is still beautifully rendered and the color choices are amazing. The flowers really make the clocks style.

/ Dennis D. /

The clock I bought finished the look in my new home. It really put together the whole room. I loved how it made my room look.

/ Laura M. /

For me this cuckoo clock we bought is a piece of art. Beautiful item with excellent termination and labor. Completely satisfied with this company.

/ Ashley M. /
All of our clocks are certified through the Black Forest Clock Association. The association, also known as the Verein die Schwarzwalduhr, or VdS, was created to preserve the tradition and integrity of the entire industry, and to prevent imitations from flooding the market. Every clock that we sell bears this certification. You will receive documentation verifying the authenticity of your clock – make sure you keep it in a safe location.

The clocks with three weights play music and the clocks with two do not.

The carved clocks usually have scenes and items reminiscent of nature, such as oak leaves. The chalet style has tiny alpine cottages and moving figurines and domestic scenes.

The difference is how often they need winding. As the names imply, and 8-day clock will go approximately eight days between windings, while a one day needs to be wound every 24-30 hours. A best practice is to simply perform the winding at the same time each day – for example, I like to wind one- day clocks when I wake up and go to bed each day. That ensures they never lose time. Wind 8-day clocks before church every Sunday morning, or at a similar time each week.

Cuckoo clocks are wound by gently pulling down on the weights. Mantel clocks have an arbor hole in which a key fits for winding.

Generally, a clock needs to be checked and oiled once every 3-5 years. We don’t recommend doing this yourself since too much oil can foul the delicate gears.

We have a 20-day no questions asked return policy.

No, at Cuckoo Forest we pay for all the customs, taxes, and duties so our customers don’t have to worry about that.

No, we pay shipping and handling, too.

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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying An Authentic German Cuckoo Clock

We painstakingly examine each cuckoo clock that we offer to make certain that no matter which one you choose, it represents the finest in carving quality, works on the most reliable internal mechanics and is 100% authentic in every detail.

We also know that ordering products from overseas has the potential to be frustrating, so we go the extra mile to get your clock to you fast, safely and affordably. Most of our clocks ship within 24 hours. We offer you 100% free shipping – that means all taxes, tariffs and other costs are handled by us.

Your total satisfaction is the most important thing to us so we stand behind our clocks. If for any reason you aren’t absolutely thrilled by your new authentic black forest German cuckoo clock, we give you 20 days to return it with no questions asked for a complete refund

Imagine the feeling of owning a piece of craftsmanship that connects you to traditions hundreds of years old. Few things add such a completed feeling to a home as a handcrafted heirloom cuckoo clock.

German Cuckoo Clocks Made In Time

Once upon a time, hourglasses were the only available instruments for telling the time. That was before the people of German Bavaria laid their eyes on the first rudimentary clock from Czechoslovakia. It was a simple wood-beam clock which would completely change their world in the years that followed. The simple clock consisted of the following features:

cuckoo clock black forest german
  • Wooden gears
  • A stone weight
  • No pendulum

Simple as it looked, it was worlds ahead when compared to the sundial or hourglass. Soon, the inhabitants of the German Black Forest area started making unpolished clocks. With time, they refined their art leading to the eventual invention of the German cuckoo clock.

Most of the work was done in winter when the people had very little or no other activity to do. In the summer, a trader carried the clocks and sold them throughout the known world. The popularity of the Black Forest cuckoo clock increased tremendously during that time.

Although miles ahead of the crude clock brought back to Germany by an hourglass peddler, Black Forest coocoo clocks were yet to attain the highest standards of the cuckoo clock. In fact, the people still referred to them as artist clocks.

That was before a small village dweller by the name of Friedrich Dilger went to advance his clock making knowledge in France. What he found were the more advanced skills and tools that were in use in the neighboring country. With the new technology, the genuine German cuckoo clock was born.

Soon after that, Franz Anton Ketterer made the very first German cuckoo clock in the tiny Schonwald village. Previously, clocks were made with features such as a cow with a butcher’s ax stuck in it, a skeleton to turn over the hourglass every hour, and dancers. As for Ketterer’s clock, it had the following features:

  • A cock that sounded ‘coo-coo’.
  • An ingenious running mechanism.
  • Twin bellows that sent air into miniature pipes to produce the sound.

This is what became known as the Black Forest kuku clock. It was intricately designed with villages specializing in making specific parts of the clock. Some would make the gears, others the casings, and the rest the elaborate woodcarvings. These different parts were then assembled to make cuckoo clocks.

Over the years, the clocks featured a number of themes with the most commonly used being the hunter theme. The clocks featured powder horns, deer heads, antlers, and hunting images.

cuckoo clock black forest german

Along came the Bahnhausle Style in which the clocks featured images of wild grapevines. Their casings were made just like the lookout buildings of the Italian railroad tunnel builders. The modern German cuckoo clock borrows a lot from this design.

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