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How to Make Wooden Clock That Can Last a Century

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Every woodworking or DIY enthusiast has thought of making a wooden clock at some point. Wooden clocks are impressive art pieces that look great in both offices and home spaces. ...

German Nutcrackers and The Nutcracker Ballet

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2018 Holidays Gift Ideas German Nutcrackers and The Nutcracker Ballet This is a story on how I discovered German nutcrackers. I found them as a great remembrance of my childhood....

5 Best German-Made Hand-Carved Wood Souvenirs

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Many people find it hard to choose from thousands of different souvenirs that can be bought in Germany. If this is the case with you, then we can help you...

Black Forest Germany

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Introduction: In the state of Baden Wurttemberg in Southwestern Germany, there is a large forested mountain range called Black Forest Germany. The general dark color of the countless pine trees...

Cuckoo Clock Consider A German Icon

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...continued from Homepage.  It’s well known that the Black Forest region of Germany is the original home of the cuckoo clock. It is, however, not very clear when the first...

Famous German Holidays and Festivals - How many do you know?

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Germany is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe. In addition to the various physical attractions found in Germany, the country is also known for its rich history and...