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6 Must-Do's When Traveling to Germany [Pocket Guide]

When traveling to Germany what do you expect to do and find?

There are many different and beautiful sights in Germany as well as history packed museums. The scenery is beautiful and there are many different places to see when traveling to Germany.

Where do you start?

What are the best places to visit when in Germany?

Where are the best sceneries?

baden black forest germany cuckoo clock

Baden Baden

One of the best places to visit when touring Germany would be Baden Baden. This town is a great place to sit and have a picnic in casual clothes. Jeans and a T-shirt are a great way to view this town.

Baden Baden is a very well known resort town that many tourists travel to and also is well known worldwide for its infamous spas. These spas are the go-to travel spot in Baden Baden.

berlin black forest germany cuckoo clock


Berlin Germany is a great spot to stop if you are a person who loves history. The Berlin Wall once stood separating the city. Now knocked down you can stand where the wall once stood.

Berlin is known for its upbeat tempo and anything goes attitude. This town is also full of historic museums and classical art museums.

Berlin is a great stop if you love to shop as well. Berlin is known for its many shops and beautiful clothing.

bavarian alps black forest germany cuckoo clock

Bavarian Alps

The Bavarian Alps are a great place to visit if you love being out in nature. The local farmers still yodel when they are happy. With vast land and farmers, there is a beautiful nature scenic view.

Cows roam the land in the long grass. Life in the Alps moves slowly and peacefully. Religion is a very important part of the Alps and the Alps are known for their beautiful churches and castles.

trier black forest germany cuckoo clock


One place that you should make sure to travel if you are in Germany is the oldest city in Germany. This town of Trier is near the border of Luxembourg. Trier is an ancient Roman capital which was inhabited by Celts. The Celts were there for 1300 years before ancient Rome existed.

There are many beautiful churches that are part of the oldest city. The town also holds Germany’s oldest Christian church and is part of the Roman ruins.

Today the city is thriving and it is more of a modern city. Even though there is a modern feel to the city there is still a very historic feel to this golden city.

cologne black forest germany cuckoo clock


A very well known a place in Germany that one should visit in Cologne. This city holds Germany’s greatest cathedral. This cathedral is one of the country’s best collections of many Roman artifacts. It is home to a world-class art museum.

Not only is the city a historic sight, Cologne is also known for its urban feel and playful spirit.

Cologne is also known for the romance. Romance is a huge part of Cologne so if you are a couple on your honeymoon this would be a great place to visit.

black forest germany cuckoo clock

Black Forest

The Romans thought these forests were very thick and inaccessible. The Romans also thought that the forest was very mysterious. Many people including locals love the Black Forest region because of the peaceful energy that is given when visiting the region.

With many historic elements and modern day elements, it makes for the perfect spot to visit.

Germany is known for its breathtaking views and beautiful scenery.

Many people tour Germany and those who cannot tour Germany wish they were able to. Germany is a very popular tourist attraction which is also known for its many souvenirs that people are rushing to get.

Buy cuckoo clock

Cuckoo Clock

Germany is really well known for its cuckoo clocks. Most of Germany’s cuckoo clocks are made from the wood of the Black Forest trees. These clocks are handcrafted and designed. Each clock has a story and is breathtaking. These clocks have been made for hundreds of years and are a known trademark of Germany. These clocks come with certificates of authenticity stating the wood was from the Black Forest.

How cool is that?

Decorative MugBeer Steins

The next popular item on the souvenir list is a decorative mug. These mugs are called Beer Steins. These are very popular all over the world but what is most fascinating is that the original concept of Beer Steins originated in Germany. These ornamental mugs are great for any living space and many people buy these mugs because of the history and beauty that they hold.

Germany violins


Many people who love music also know that Germany is a great place to pick up a violin. Germany, especially the Bavarian region is known for their violins. These violins are handmade to perfection.

These violins are made to look and sound like they are from one hundred years ago. The violins have a lot of history within them and the music they play. Some places only make up to 15 violins per year because the process is so tedious. The people who make only a select few violins are sold to the best musicians in the world.

Germany wooden toys

Wooden Toys

The last and most fun of all the many tourist souvenirs are the handmade wooden toys. These toys can be collector items because there are a lot of them or they can be toys for your child. These handmade wooden toys are a little piece of history. The wooden toys were one of the first handmade toys. These are great souvenirs to remind you of Germany.

Germany gummy bear

Gummy Bears

It is also important to get some of the best gummy bears around. Gummy bears originated in Germany in 1922. Yes, gummy bears. The fruity and sweet tasty treat we love today was made right here in Germany. Another origin of one special item that is popular today came from Germany. Many Christmas ornaments for your tree originated from Germany.

When traveling to Germany it is important that you take a look at all the breathtaking shops and scenic views.

Germany is full of life and fun along with a lot of history. Germany is full of many insights as to what happened long ago and how things were made before machines. This is because of all the handmade items. Every handmade item has a history and a story.

Germany is full of fun and exciting things. With so much to learn and so many different items to buy, your possibilities are endless