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Clock Lovers: 7 Exciting Things to Do in Black Forest

When exploring the Black Forest region you are sure to find yourself engulfed in the history and beautiful scenery. If you are a cuckoo clock lover you are sure to find yourself in heaven in this region. Full of history, scenery, and cuckoo clocks... is the perfect destination for a relaxing get away.

So what are the top seven things to do in the region of the Black Forest?

Let us have a look at all the amazing things you can take part in when in the Black Forest region of Germany.

Around every corner is a story of what used to be and what is.


Baden-baden black forest cuckoo clock

Baden-Baden is an elegant town with an abundance of spas. With more than thirty spas there is a relaxation element but the Friedrichsbad Roman-Irish Bath is the most traditional.

The historic temple that you will be bathing in offers an amazing seventeen stages. There are many stages so visitors experience the full healing properties of the mineral water used.

Want more fun?

In Baden-Baden, there is also a Casino that was built in the 1850’s. This casino was built in by the Palace of Versailles. The casino includes classical gambling games and slot machines...

...but also offers many guided tours of the palace.

The tours include the Austrian salon, Winter Garden, and Florentine Hall.


Schwarzwaldhochstrasse black forest cuckoo clock

When visiting Germany you will want to stop at the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse.

Schwarzwaldhochstrasse is known as the Black Forest Highway. When on this highway you will see all the beautiful views of the Black Forest. This highway goes outside of Baden-Baden for about 60 kilometers and goes through the heart of the Black Forest. From the Black Forest, you will drive right into the Kinzig Valley.

When on this highway one should take a short hike from the Allerheiligen Monastery. This hike will take you on a beautiful 20-minute walk. The scenery will be beautiful and at the end of the hike is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by beautiful scenery.

It is definitely a beautiful scene that one should visit.

Black Forest Open-Air Museum

Open-Air Museum black forest cuckoo clock

The Black Forest Open-Air Museum is located in Gutach, Germany. The Black Forest Open- Air Museum is known as Schwarzwälder Freilichtmuseum in German.

This museum gives their visitors a tour and looks into the history as well as the cultural heritage of the Black Forest region. The tour includes up to six Black Forest farmhouses. Visitors are able to walk through the houses.

Theses houses were built between the 16th and 19th century. The houses include an exhibition on a cultural tradition which is unique to the Black Forest. This would include straw painting and woodworking.

The oldest house was built in 1599 and is called Hippenseppenhof. This house features an exhibition of cuckoo clocks and wickerwork.

These guided tours are offered free for the public in German as well as English.

German Clock Museum

german cuckoo clock museum black forest

Are you a big fan of the antique cuckoo clocks?

This is the right place for you!

If you are a person who loves the German cuckoo clocks then the German Clock Museum located in Furtwangen is the place to go.

The collection includes 160-year old collections of more than 8000 clocks and watches. This includes collections from all over the world. When you are visiting this museum you will learn about how scientists used the clocks to conduct experiments.

The experiments were about the pendulum. The pendulum swung into a new era. This era was the Black Forest cuckoo clocks. You will learn how Germany became known worldwide for their Black Forest cuckoo clocks.

The best piece in this collection is a circa 1850’s wall clock in the shape of an alpine hut. This helped launch the success of German Black Forest cuckoo clocks.

This museum offers guided tours 365 days a year.

-- Let's get one cuckoo clock for your house.

Black Forest Car Tour

black forest car tour cuckoo clock

When staying in Germany, specifically the Black Forest area, one should take a tour of the Black Forest by car. The Black Forest is known for its beautiful trees and scenery. The view of the tour is breathtaking.

It can melt away your stress & it's perfect for a date too!

You can also take many hikes along your tour. One hike in specific takes about twenty minutes and leads you into the woods. At the end of this hike is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by nature.

Many hiking trails are available to the public to explore the Black Forest.

Wildpark Pforzheim

Wildpark Pforzheim black forest cuckoo clock

When visiting the Black Forest region you must check out the Wildpark Pforzheim. This is a zoo full of many different animals. It is a great trip for anyone including younger children.

When exploring the Wildpark Pforzheim, you will want to spend about two to three hours touring. This is a big park and it takes up a while to explore the whole park. Most people who go to this park spend an average of three hours or more exploring.


Fasnacht black forest cuckoo clock

When visiting Germany in the Black Forest region you will want to make sure to see the Fasnacht festival. This festival takes place in January and February and is full of many different colors. With live music, marching, and pretzels you are definitely in for a treat.

This is a traditional festival which also makes sure to celebrate "Da-Bach - na Ride”. This is where the people make forty different imaginatively decorated tubs and sail down the Schiltach river which is freezing cold. The goal is to try not to capsize into the freezing cold waters.

trip black forest cuckoo clock

So, have you decided on your next trip location?

Germany is full of surprises and history. Around every corner is a story of what used to be and what is. With its traditional ways the Black Forest region remains one of the most beautiful sceneries around. Full of museums, clocks, and art you are sure to find a great time in the Black Forest region of Germany.