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What Makes a Cuckoo Clock 'coo coo'?

  • Cuckoo Forest /
How is Time Kept In A Cuckoo Why is it so important to know how every mechanism moves in a cuckoo clock? The time is not just kept by the...

6 Must-Do's When Traveling to Germany [Pocket Guide]

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When traveling to Germany what do you expect to do and find? There are many different and beautiful sights in Germany as well as history packed museums. The scenery is...

German Nutcrackers Exclusive

  • Cuckoo Forest /
Many people use German Nutcrackers as decorations during the Christmas holiday.  Still used today there is a very decorative history behind the making and manufacturing of this decorative piece. The...

The Inside Scoop of German Smokers

  • Cuckoo Forest /
German smokers are full of history but are still used today and will be used for generations. They are used today due to their design and their history. The use...

Clock Lovers: 7 Exciting Things to Do in Black Forest

  • Cuckoo Forest /
When exploring the Black Forest region you are sure to find yourself engulfed in the history and beautiful scenery. If you are a cuckoo clock lover you are sure to...

Black Forest Adventure

  • Cuckoo Forest /
The Black Forest is known for the beautiful scenery and hiking trails but... ..what else can you do around the area if you are touring? There are many beautiful things...