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Black Forest Adventure

  • Cuckoo Forest /
The Black Forest is known for the beautiful scenery and hiking trails but... ..what else can you do around the area if you are touring? There are many beautiful things...

Nutcrackers That Actually Crack NUTS!

  • Cuckoo Forest /
How to Spot an Authentic German Nutcracker That is Worth its Weight in Walnuts (or Hazelnuts or Brazil nuts!) Passed - Real Nutcracker Failed - Low Quality Nutcracker A nutcracker...

A Rich History - Rombach & Haas

  • Cuckoo Forest /
A Rich History Rombach & Haas was founded in 1894 in a farmhouse that would soon become the center of their cuckoo clock business. The farmhouse was in the village...

Five Types of Cuckoo Clocks - Which one do you like?

  • Cuckoo Forest /
Imagine one of these cuckoo clocks is hanging on your wall. It's beautiful, isn't it? So, which type that match your style and house? Let's read through the details for...

[UPDATED] August Schwer - 8 times winners of "Clock of The Year"

  • Cuckoo Forest /
A Review of This Year’s Winner&a Look Back in Time Cuckoo Clock of the Year 2017: It’s an exciting time in the cuckoo clock world! The Black Forest Clock Association...

Romba & Haas - #1 Shield Cuckoo Clock Maker from Black Forest

  • Cuckoo Forest /
Rombach and Haas, known as Romba, was founded over 100 years ago in 1894 in Schonach, where it is still located today. Known for expertly combining tradition with innovation, this...