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Shield Clocks

Before Black Forest cuckoo clocks became the most popular clocks to come from the region, it was the lacquered Shield clocks that were the most popular. The simple design features a basic square frame with a semicircle arch on it. Some feature a cuckoo bird, while others do not.

Shield clocks have been produced in the Black Forest for a long time now, with a rich history and tradition surrounding them and their beauty. These clocks are always intricately hand painted, and are hard to come by, even in the Black Forest. The skill involved with painting these clocks is so advanced that not all clockmakers in the region produce these clocks. In present day, these clocks are still hand painted by artists from the Black Forest. During a brief time in the 1800s when demand was incredibly high for these clocks, instead of hand painting them clockmakers would use decals in order to produce the clocks quicker, however that is not how they are created today.

You will typically find a beautiful floral designed painted on a Shield clock, which is designed to last for years to come thanks to the base coat that is used to preserve the painting.

Shield Clocks

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