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Stripe Cubical
Stripe Cubical - a very unique modern cuckoo clock series by the Rombach & Haas clock company. Precise lines in a very modern design make the character of this modern cuckoo clock.  The peripheral alignment of the cuckoo and a cuckoo door that opens upward are rare specials of this clock series. These modern cuckoo clocks have an 8-day clock movement which was also made in the Black Forest in Germany. The high quality mechanical 8-day clockwork only needs to be wound up once a week. The cuckoo bird, that is also entirely driven by the mechanical movement comes out every half and full hour. The clocks also have a night shut off lever that turns off all sounds. 300 years of clock making tradition in the Black Forest and a unique modern design make this clock series a perfect addition to every room.

Stripe Cubical

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