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About Clock

We painstakingly examine each cuckoo clock that we offer to make certain that no matter which one you choose, it represents the finest in carving quality, works on the most reliable internal mechanics and is 100% authentic in every detail.

We also know that ordering products from overseas has the potential to be frustrating, so we go the extra mile to get your clock to you fast, safely and affordably.
Most of our clocks ship within 24 hours. We offer you 100% free shipping – that means all taxes, tariffs and other costs are handled by us.

Your total satisfaction is the most important thing to us so we stand behind our clocks . If for any reason you aren’t absolutely thrilled by your new authentic black forest German cuckoo clock, we give you 20 days to return it with no questions asked for a complete refund

Imagine the feeling of owning a piece of craftmanship that connects you to traditions hundreds of years old. Few things add such a completed feeling to a home as a handcrafted heirloom cuckoo clock.