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Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Maker - Engstler

Engstler has been in business for decades, dating back to 1952. The family business began in Villingen-Schwenningen and still operates from the Black Forest to this day. They are committed to old world designs, yet never shy away from new challenges.

Engstler was founded by Josef Engstler and is now run by third generation, Gerold Engstler. The combination of young and old is something every clock connoisseur will notice in the work of Engstler. In fact, they were the first maker to offer quartz movements and were directly involved in the innovation for cuckoos.

All facets of Engstler’s clocks are made in the Black Forest. From the figurines, to the linden wood cases, to the clock movements-- the Black Forest is always present in an Engstler design.

Engstler is famous for rising to the challenge. When the MINI drove on to the car making scene the designers developed a clock that had a MINI driving out of a cuckoo house instead of the traditional bird!

Understanding that respecting tradition does not mean shying a way from new ideas is what makes owning an Engstler so special and rewarding.