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Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Maker - Hekas

Hekas cuckoo clocks have been made in the Black forest since the company’s founding in 1938. The Helmut Kammerer Clock Factory, Hekas, is family owned by the third generation of the Kammerer family.

Hekas clocks are exported to countries across the globe and have earned a reputation for one-of-a-kind artistry. Every clock conceived at Hekas is produced under one roof and entirely sourced from the Black Forest region. The factory boasts in-house woodcarvers, and the craftsmen hand-select the block of wood that will eventually be transformed in to elaborate cuckoo clocks.

Hekas produces hand-carved clocks as well as shield and chalet style cuckoo clocks. The scenes often depict their homeland with woodland landscapes and intricate forest inspired carvings. They offer a full range clock, from the souvenir to high-quality cuckoo clocks in many versions.

Each clock is subject to rigorous testing ensuring only the finest leave the factory. Every single clock produced by Hekas is hung up and test for up to 24 hours before it can be deemed ready for shipment. Artistry that meets the rigorous standards of Black Forest clock making!