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Steinbach Declared Bankruptcy in 2015

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After 200 years of producing the best German Nutcrackers Steinbach took a bow in 2015. The company that was Located in Hohenhamein in Eastern Germany filed for bankruptcy siting being unable to pay the increased minimum wage.

The company that was being run by Karla Steinbach has been in her family for six generations. It was one of the best producers of traditional wooden nutcrackers that managed to maintain its authenticity even in the wake of many less than average brands. It is known for its pioneering creativity in the nut crackers industry as it introduced the carvings of popular leaders across the world as well as German heroes when nutcrackers were mainly of soldiers, kings and knights. They became very popular for their diversity and therefore a favorite brand for many Nutcrackers collectors.

Year after year they came up with different editions as enthusiast looked forward to them. They then introduced the limited edition version with the first being that of King Ludwig the second that was a great hit with the collectors. They produced only 3000 of them and they were sold out fast. The company flourished due to its creativity as it kept up with the current trends. However the popularity of the Nutcrackers was seen as a business opportunity and many companies came up to make knock offs of these products. In the 2010s the company was barely getting by, but it was the increase of minimum wage that was the last stroke.

The new law that was implemented on January 1st 2015 in...

German Nutcrackers are Out for Revenge Against $200 “Nutcrackers” That Can’t Crack Nuts

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This is NUTS! Buying a nutcracker for the holidays only to discover it’s the one getting cracked by holiday nuts! Some nutcrackers, especially the ones from Germany, can cost upwards of $200! And the question on many new owner’s minds is “will this thing actually crack nuts or crack under the pressure?” That’s what the folks at Cuckoo Forest wanted to find out. The results are pretty nutty! Watch the video

Cuckoo Forest bought a few nutcrackers from several Christmas markets and department stores as well as a few authentic German ones and put them to the test.

For this test, Cuckoo Forest used 5 varieties of nuts: hazelnut, walnut, pecan, almond, and the hardest, Brazil nut. This 180-second video shows how the nutcrackers cracked almost 60 nuts in a row!

The end results? Not even a single crack on the German nutcracker’s jaw, but the poor guys made outside of Germany couldn’t stand up to the challenge. Click Here to read the article that compares the winners and the losers.

Believe it or not, most owners of these decorative tools are scared to ...

Germany’s Black

German Nutcrackers that
Really Crack Nuts!

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