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Black Forest Germany


In the state of Baden Wurttemberg in Southwestern Germany, there is a large forested mountain range called Black Forest Germany. The general dark color of the countless pine trees that grow in this region inspired the dark name. The name “Black Forest” was first time used by Romans.

The Roman soldiers were walking through Germany and their path was blocked by a dark, dense forest. They called it “Silva Nigra”, which means “Black Forest” in their Latin language. The state of Baden Wurttemberg in Southwestern corner has one of Germany’s most beautiful natural landscapes.

Black Forest Germany

The German Black Forest region is nearly rectangular in shape with a length of 160 kilometers and breadth of equal to 60 kilometers. The German Black Forest is a mountainous land at about 200-1500 meters above sea level.

Many people say that they call it the Black Forest Mountains because, in the wooded areas, it seems dark on the mountains from the shadows of all the trees. During the last ice age, the Black Forest was covered with glaciers.

The German Black Forest includes the Titisee, the Mummelsee and the Feldsee which are the important lakes of natural, freezy origin. One of the most famous places for tourists in the Black Forest is Titisee.

It is the largest natural lake that lengthens for almost 2 kilometers. According to geological history, the German Black Forest is covered with the sandstone on the top of a core of metaphoric rock.

Originally, the German Black Forest is a mixed forest of evergreen trees. In the middle of the 19thcentury, the German Black Forest was almost fully deforested by in-depth forestry and was latterly replanted, largely with tidy monocultures.

There are many historic towns for the tourists in German Black Forest. It includes Altensteig, Schiltach, Gengenbach, Haslach, Baden Baden, Calw, Freiburg, and Staufen. Some of the German Black Forest villages are of 100 years old and have a picturesque shop, churches, and many other buildings.

Triberg - Germany’s Highest Waterfalls:

Triberg is famous for Germany’s highest waterfalls. It is located directly on the black forest railway which has a universal fall of 163 meters. The area around the waterfalls entrance is similar to the Disneyland. The countryside around Triberg is remarkable.

Triberg - Germany’s Highest Waterfalls

Triberg Waterfalls have three entrances, which are reached by the dint of paths, steps, and footbridges. Tourists from far off lands, come to Triberg and enjoy this outstanding scenic beauty and are amazed at Triberg’s artistic nature.

German Cuckoo Cock

German Cuckoo Clock a popular that they have been made in the region. A cuckoo clock is generally a pendulum-regulated clock that hit the hours with a sound and has a robotic cuckoo bird that moves with each note.

Some move their wings, open and close their beaks while inclining ahead, whereas the other birds, only tilt their body onwards. The system to produce the cuckoo call has persisted almost without contrast till the present.

The German Cuckoo Clock has been in use since the middle of the 19thcentury. The German Cuckoo clock occurrence and advancement was made in southwestern Germany in the Black Forest.

From the mid of 1850 and so on, German Cuckoo Clock was exported to the rest of the world. The Cuckoo Clock has now become one of the cultural portrait of Germany and the most favorite memory of travelers in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

Many decades before clock making was established in the German Black Forest in 1629. The first known description of a modern cuckoo clock was encircled by Philipp Hainhofer who was a nobleman of Germany’s oldest cities.

The cuckoo clock design has now become ordinary. Most of the designs of a cuckoo clock are made in the “traditional style” which is also known as “Carved” which are then hang on a wall.

In this style, the wooden box is furnished with carved leaves and animals. The clock has a robotic type bird that comes through a small catch door while the clock is visible.

As the clock strikes, the bird is usually created to act normally by mode of an arm that pushes the back of the carving. German Cuckoo Clock development has turned into box designs and the cuckoo clock actions are produced in the area.

Now, the German Black Forest Cuckoo Clock has a traditional design. A colored wide square wooden display beyond which all the work of the clock is attached is known as “Shield Clock”.

The German Cuckoo Clock door is usually an arc of particularly furnished wood which is on the top of the square. In this model, the clockwork is adjoining with no cabinet. The background of the clock industry and of its watchmakers is shown by German Black Forest Museum which is in Furtwangen.

German Black Forest Cake:

The English name for the German dessert is German Black Forest Cake. It is a chocolate sponge cake that has a rich cherry filling ground. In this cake, there are usually four layers of mixed cream, cherries and chocolate sponge cake. It is decorated with different eating materials such as chocolate sprinkles, decorating cherries and is frozen with whipped cream.

German Black Forest Cake

It is stated by some of the origins that the German Black Forest Cake name has come by the motivation of the customary outfit of the Black Forest region women in which they have a feature of the hat with great, red pom-poms on top called Bollenhut.

Europe Park in Germany made a record of the world’s largest original German Black Forest Cake that was set at this place. The weight of this cake was 3000 kg and was 10m in diameter. For its formation, almost 40 kg of chocolate sprinkles,700 liters of cream,800 kg of cherries,120 liters of cherry water,5,600 eggs and 800 kg of cherries.

German Black Forest Honey:

German Black Forest Honey is a distinctive type of honey. In Europe, German Black Forest honey is examined as a specialty. The characteristics of German Black Forest Honey are its slightly sweet flavor, strong and dark color that is made of sun water droplets. Beas collects the nectar from the sugary dew fruit fly, instead of harvesting the nectar from the flowers themselves.

German Black Forest Honey

Honey Dew is the scientific name of German Black Forest honey. This honey is differentiated from the other types of honey in such a way because of lack of monosaccharide’s in it and of its dark color. It also has a specialty containing a high level of anti-oxidants.

The high level of oxidizing glucose activity in honeydew enriches it as a high antioxidant and antibacterial. There is a high percentage of the mineral, simple sugars, powder, mineral salts and minerals. Its mineral salts include acids, potassium, amino acids, the high percentages of PH and proteins.

German Black Forest Honey is used for many health remedies as well as in cooking. Honey cures many of the diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, bladder infections and for cholesterol level.

If the arthritis patients take honey daily than if they couldn’t walk or move forward because of arthritis, so they will start walking without pain. It will also eliminate the harmful germs in a bladder.

According to some information, if we take the pure honey with our food daily so then it will reduce the sickness of cholesterol. Another medical point of view for honey is that it helps in digestion and flow.

It also helps in treating cough and act as coughing syrup. This point of honey has to be noticed that do not ever boil or microwave honey; as by doing this, heat will kill all the natural enzymes present in it.

It helps in fastening the healing process; it contains high dosage of anti-oxidant, it increases the body immune system, it cut down the blood sugar level as it is good for diabetes diet program, it restores body stamina,the symptoms of uric acid are calm down by its usage, it reduces the cholesterol level, the stomach ulcers are cured by its use, it strengthens the liver, it neutralizes gastric acid.

Black Forest Holidays:

Black Forest Holidays are the most amazing experience that can happen to a German enthusiast or anyone interested in old world life. Hasenhorn Coaster is a famous ride for those with an eye on adventure.

A person shared his experience and told that a chairlift transported him to the above area and the scenic beauty made him forget that if he falls down from the chairlift then what will happen.

Black Forest Holidays

The safety bars are very secure and it doesn’t matter than that how fast you are moving. The coaster’s track is 2.9 km long and the height is almost 30 feet above and with the moving coaster your senses might get numb.

The Black Forest is an area which is 200 km in length and is situated in the south-west direction of Germany. It’s a tiny rectangular land but what makes it a fascinating treat to watch as it is filled with the diversity of nature. This is the reason why it has become one of the most important holiday destinations for the tourist attraction.

It is said that hiking was invented here as a fun activity confirms Baden, who collected this information in 1864 when he opened the first tourist guide center. The tracks are filled up with meadows, forests, and lakesides. The Black Forest is a huge playground and the spirit of adventure is teaming in its DNA.

There are almost 350 hotels near the campsites and adventurous areas and they offer different packages to capture the attention of the tourists.

A Hochschwarzwald Card can be achieved on the Black Forest Holidays by the tourists if they stay in any of these hotels for two days or more than that. The benefit of this card is that they can get the validity to visit 70 attractions.

Happy Team Badges are also distributed amongst the successful groups. Delicious dinners and buffet meals are served and different fun loving activities are organized by the teams. Most importantly it’s a fun loving place for kids and they want to visit it again and again.

Dwarf size tree houses are also present over there. You can crawl into the house to see how well decorated it is. There are so many attractions for them like water slides and camping at night etc. This is a significant place which brings the people of different cultures together in adventurous activities hence breaking the barriers of differences between them.

Black Forest gateau:

Black Forest gateau is a British English name for the Black Forest Cake. It is a dessert which is now famous almost all over the world. Even we prefer to cut the Black Forest gateau on the celebrations like birthdays and weddings. It is decorated with red or black cherries on the top.

Black Forest gateau

The name of this cake is taken after the tart cherries as it has the cherry pit yummy flavor and delicious ingredients which gives it a distinctive flavor. The mixed textures of cherries, cream, and chocolate sponge make the cake a delight to eat and this very recipe originated back from Germany.

The several layers of sponge cake are sandwiched with whipped fluffy cream and cherries. The addition of sour cherries adds up to the taste of rum in the cake which makes the customers intoxicated after eating it. Different spirits are made from the dried up sour cherries and vine here is expensive, famous and rich in taste.

In Asian countries, the Black Forest gateau is prepared without wine because there are mostly Muslim countries and wine is prohibited over there. But this doesn’t decrease the value of the cake in any case. True Black Forest gateau is decorated with black cherries as the color black is made prominent.

The world record of the largest Black Forest gateau was held in the Europa Park on 16th July 2006. It was organized by K&U Bakery. The gateau was almost 3,000 kg in weight in which 700 liters of whipped cream, 5600 eggs, 800 kg of cherries, 40 kg of chocolate and 120 liters of kirsch was used.

Black Forest Games:

Black Forest Games is a company of developing video games and is situated in Offenburg, Germany. They developed a huge variety of games for the kids as well as the adults and there are also such games that can be played between the teams and there are game cafes where they can bet and play.

Black Forest Games

People who are best at gaming can also win money by winning the games and there are also bumper prizes for them at times. They wait for the competitions and before that, they are fully involved in practicing at home on Play Station 3 & 4, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

The game which gained popularity was Arcania: Fall of Setarrif. It was released in 2011 but the Spellbound Entertainment company lost its shares. After the company failed in jolting its powers as before, then established the Black Forest Games was founded by the organizers of Spellbound.

Luckily, it became so famous that it gained popularity all over Europe and surpassed all the Spellbound assets. The team of 105 members developed a wide range of Black Forest Games series and they are liked by many customers and are being sold like hot cakes.

Black Forest Food and Specialties:

The Black Forest region is basically well recognized for its scenic beauty, adventurous activities and spellbound landscapes. The food here is awesome in taste and now the variety of restaurants are there to instill the taste of the different regions including continental foods.

Even the menus of village guest houses have treats in an offer and the rates are so reasonable and affordable.

Black Forest Food and Specialties

Black Forest ham is a specialty of this region which is mostly served in the breakfast along with the light snacks. It is also included in the asparagus dishes of the region.

Your holiday dining experience along with regional specialties on reasonable rates will be amazing and the specialties include goose liver, Venison Baden, Ring cake, vanilla and poppy seed cake and last but not least the Black Forest cake.

Black Forest food is very famous for its well-cooked dishes and the garnishing here is amazing. They are mostly fond of eating desserts this is the reason that you will find a huge variety of desserts in the restaurants.

A Vesper is a fare that can be enjoyed between the meals when you enter this region. It includes homemade dishes like sausages, trout, ham and crusty farmer’s bread.

All the things are served fresh and it is perfect for digestion. Low amount of salts and spices are used in this region. The local people of Black Forest eat a Vesper instead of the evening meal as they consider it a good enough diet which easily satiates their belly.

The vines are of great worth and quality. They are available in a rich variety of flavors including Gutedel, Nobling, Riesling, and Kerner. If wine-tasting is your hobby then you can receive the invitation from the villagers to taste the best vintages and experience the huge variety of wine.

Mostly after taking a Vesper between the meals, people prefer to drink the cocktail alcohol having fruit contents and for generations, it is being created in this area. People here are mostly farmers and are best in the fields.

They create a variety of tastes which attract the tourist attention. “Zibartle” is also preferred in this region which is made of sloe plums and has a unique rich taste.

The quality of food and variety in the dishes of the Black Forest food informs us about the high priority of the Black Forest region, that how particular they are in choosing and creating the food items.

Mostly all the food items are served fresh and are rich in proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. From highly rated guest houses to small village cottages, there is no compromise in the taste and you can enjoy one vegetable cooked in several varieties of ways.

Black Forest Winters:

Black Forest winter season is a treat to watch and it is as fascinating as the summers are. The tourists never surrender to come here in any specific season. The hotels and restaurants are open throughout the year.

In the Black Forest winters, due to extreme chillness and harsh climate, there is extensive snowfall and mostly the Black Forest trees are covered in snow.

The wide grasslands are also covered under the thick sheet of snow which makes it a pure winter wonderland.

Black Forest Winters

There are numerous slopes, depressions, and hilly areas, where the guests can enjoy skiing and ice skating without any risk in the Black Forest winters. It is a perfect family picnic place in winters. Most of the low mountain ranges are situated near the Black Forest region.

Two feet snow is quite common here and the region comprises of castles, tiny cottages, and villages. The people here live a simple lifestyle and are very hard working.

They are very close to nature this is the reason why they don’t like fights and bloodshed. It is the region of peace and tranquility. We feel like the fantasy tales of Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are created in the Black Forest winters as the effect of this region are so mesmerizing.


The Black Forest is an amazing region full of the touches of a fantasy world as we have discussed. It is blessed by so many amazing features which not only inspire the youngsters but also the adults. It is surrounded by the Rhine Valley from the western and southern sides.

Feldsburg is its highest peak which has the elevation of 1, 493 meters. The hills here mostly form plateaus near the Black Forest Foothills.

The mountain ranges descend on the northern and eastern sides. The main catchment area is situated in the Central Black Forest whereas the Southeastern Black Forest contains the catchments of the upper areas.

The people here are very welcoming and friendly and the environment is very peaceful. People mostly come here in vacations to enjoy in this heavenly place.

It surpasses in every category, whether we talk about the food, hotels, desserts or decoration pieces. You must visit the Black Forest area in Germany to experience the unbelievable divine feeling.