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A Rich History - Rombach & Haas

A Rich History

Rombach and Haas Romba

Rombach & Haas was founded in 1894 in a farmhouse that would soon become the center of their cuckoo clock business. The farmhouse was in the village of Schonach in the Black Forest and still is to this day.

In the old days, Rombach & Haas sold special handmade watches and food to keep their business profitable. But soon, trade in the Black Forest grew and the company could concentrate their efforts on the intricate timepieces.

By the turn of the 20th century, cuckoo clocks, sign clocks, and other Black Forest clocks were produced in the factory.

Rombach and Haas Romba black cuckoo clockRombach Cuckoo ClockRombach Black Forest Fermany Cuckoo Clock

Company owner, Ingolf Haas, is now the fourth-generation clockmaker and manages the company together with his wife Conny Haas. For nearly a century, they have built a name that is synonymous with quality.

The special Black Forest Clocks are still made with the same time-honored traditions of decades past.

Rombach and Haas RombaRombach And Haas Romba Black Forest Germany Cuckoo Clocks

Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

The Association Black Forest Clock (VdS) is what makes these clocks authentic. An original Black Forest cuckoo clock will always carry the "Verein die Scharzwalduhr (VdS)" developed certificate of authenticity. All of our watches and clocks from the Romba (Rombach and Haas) range have this seal.

You can get more information about the seal at

The Association Black Forest Clock vds cuckoo clock

The Haas Family

  • Conny Haas

    Conny Haas has been a watch designer and artist for 25 years. She is internationally recognized for her paintings for watches as individual pieces and in small series. Her artwork and design are known as some of the most intricate in the world.

    Rombach and Haas Romba black forest germany cuckoo clock Rombach and Haas Romba black forest germany cuckoo clock

  • Ingolf Haas

    Ingolf Haas has earned a word renowned reputation as a watch designer and artist for over thirty years. Together he and his wife Conny, developed the third generation of the "Modern Cuckoo Clock". He is also chairman of the Black Forest Clock organization.

    Romba Black Forest Germany Cuckoo Clock

  • Selina Haas

    Selina Hass, helped revitalize the Black Forest region. In August 2014, the designer and artist created what is probably the most successful Black Forest advertising campaign in history.

    She coined the slogan "Big Mountains, Wet Valleys and a LOT of Forest."

    Soon the phrase was all over social media with hundreds of millions of engagements. The success of the campaign helped increase the tourism industry in Black Forest country.

  • She now is the owner and operator of Selina Haas Design in Schonach and her works range from funny postcards to colorful canvases, which can be found throughout the Black Forest. She also helps in the design and tradeshows of her parent’s cuckoo clock business.

    Rombach and Haas Romba Clocks

  • Enya Haas

    Enya Haas is a talented musician that uses the Black Forest for inspiration. By age 9 he was playing the piano and by 13-year-old he was already composing.

    Stylistically, Enya Haas is not directly related to any genre. He thinks of himself as more of New Age, while incorporating individual components of minimal music as well as classical aspects. His intoxicating music, coupled with his authentic stage presence, has really forged a name for himself over the last few years.

  • Aylin Haas

    Aylin Haas is the older daughter of the Haas family. She uses her skills in sales and marketing to help with the family business. She has years of studying "International Business Management" in large companies.

History of the Cuckoo Clock - Three Generations

1st Generation

The original Cuckoo Clock developed in 1738 and was almost entirely produced in the Black Forest Region. The clocks consisted of predominantly floral motifs. Anton Ketterer used such an intricate shield around his cuckoo clock to give an attractive appearance.

Black Forest German Cuckoo ClockHistorical Cuckoo clocks

2nd Generation

In 1850 the cuckoo clock got its world-famous Face that is known today thanks to a competition. Robert Gerwig, the builder of the Black Forest Railway, held a design competition to help the well-known timepiece become more profitable. Friedrich Eisenlohr a carved cuckoo clock for the railway that garnered worldwide attention to the Black Forest Creations.

Rombach and Haas Romba  Cuckoo ClockRombach and Haas Romba Germany Cuckoo Clock

3rd Generation

Over the years Schonach has become the center of the cuckoo clock universe. From this center, Rombach & Haas brought the well-known timepiece into modern and contemporary forms. The simple updates still stay true to the classic deigns and can now be found modern living rooms across the globe.

Rombach and Haas Romba Black Forest


Each clock takes hours of intricate design and labor. But those hours of handmade specialization make customization possible. You can add personal touches to every design. Things like anniversary dates, messages of congratulations, birthdays, retirements, and more!

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